i come from a small town in california, where coyotes howled and bats flew down the street every night at dusk. i attended the funerals of many a crow and snake, and watched the night sky from my roof with a star map from national geographic. now i am the mother of a boy who is suddenly taller than me. this blog is just a more modern tool for picking up the stones and turning them over.

press here if you’d like to listen to me sing some jazz standards.

i have photography for sale. you can buy it here.

i think a lot about the stories that make the world the way it is. i do believe that humans spin the web of the world with story and song. thanks for stopping by.mig-canyon.jpg

lompoc photo by jpontific8

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your front yard is underwater

Fish Peppers FINALLY Coming Up!

My First Cherry Tomato. Wow.

Porch Garden 2014 - Getting Started

one sided

My Lady of the Garden

Cukes and Lettuce

Collards, Yakon, and Scullcap

Reluctant Arugula


"Black Beauty" Zucchini seedlings...

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pomegranate, lotus + plum

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funny how time slips away

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