Rose, Ginger, Cardamom and Goat’s Milk…..

Soap 1

I’m selling some brand new soaps. Yum.

The first soap is “Ginger Cardamom“. This soap is a delicious way to wake up, and has been a favorite among my friends. The ginger is warming, the cardamom spicy and sweet, and the hints of lemon and other fresh, greeny scents make “Ginger Cardamom” a spicy bath treat.

Rose, Milk and Oats” is set in a goat’s milk base, and is delicately scented with both organic rose essence and the finely ground petals of roses. Oats for soothing the skin and fennel-infused coconut oil make for a truly divine bathing experience.

The offering I am most pleased with right now is the companion bath salt to the Rose Milk and Oats” soap, “Heavenly.”

People’s response to “Rose, Milk and Oats Elixir” bath “salt” has been very good indeed. I put the word “salt” in quotation marks because, unlike the sea salt-based bath products that I make, this one actually contains very little salt – it is mostly a combination of pure organic rose essence, organic rose petals, oats, and powdered milk; the resulting blue-green bath water lifts the spirits of any and all bathers.


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