beautiful day


things can change in an instant, it’s true.

i started out the day frantically scrambling, losing my keys, my child, and my mind. and i ended up the afternoon by meeting the Dalai Lama.

in between  i hula hooped in a hayes valley park with some beautiful people, loved up a few sweet city dogs, and pondered the pros and cons of gentrification in my old neighborhood.

(when my son was an infant, i lived in hayes valley.  at that time, i don’t think any of the storefronts were offering $200 shoes).


the bill graham civic auditorium hosted the dalai lama this weekend, an event i knew i didn’t have the cash for. it seems ironic that, although the spirit behind a talk by his holiness and a concert by, say, led zeppelin circa 1973, are different animals, the mechanism of promotion and profit-making are apparently similar, perhaps by necessity. the people did seems peaceful and contemplative, as crowds go, and i took a few photos.

we happened to be walking back to BART when His Holiness was leaving the auditorium. a small respectful but excited crowd had gathered, and i ran over, not daring to hope for much, but secretly praying that i could touch the hem of his garment. i’m no buddhist, but there is an undeniable SPIRIT about him, being in his presence, that could just knock you over. it’s like the scent of a flower, or a sound.

i did get within a few feet of him. when he left the auditorium, he crossed the street and came to greet us, the people who did not get in to see him. what a generous man. a man was holding his infant, cradled to face outwards, bowing slightly to his holiness, wordlessly asking for his blessing.  everyone was smiling – i’d say we were delighted.

he was loosely surrounded by bodyguards, who were doing their job professionally but gently – i was so impressed. i imagine being in the presence of the Dalai Lama has that effect on you, whatever your role is.

without hearing a word that he spoke in that auditorium, i learned a great deal in just those few minutes.


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  1. 1 robal June 12, 2007 at 9:11 pm

    what beautiful thoughts! You should think about writing as gig , hustle uno? Greg has some writing gigs, you should talk to him about it!

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